Tips For First Day of Lessons

Here are a few tips to help make your swim lessons fun and run smoothly.

Customer Portal – Please visit our Customer Portal to view your class information and balance. In the Customer Portal, you will find your transaction history, enrollment history, policies and more. Sign-in using the email address you provided at the time of Registration. If you are unsure of your password, click the "I forgot my password" link and your temporary password will be issued.

What to Bring- Your happy, excited self in a swim suit, a pair of goggles, your favorite towel and a change of clothes if you want to change after class.

Arrive on time – It is important for students to be on deck and ready to go five minutes before their class starts. Your instructor will let students and parents know where to meet each day. Your child should be neither hungry nor extremely full before swim lessons.

Check- In – When you arrive to swim class, please stop at the Info Desk and mark your swimmer's attendance on the appropriate log. If you are having trouble finding your swimmer's name, please see one of our Team Members and we are glad to help.

Restroom – Please make sure your child has used the restroom prior to class. If your child is unable to go to the restroom during their class without assistance, we ask that parents stay on deck during their class time to assist their child if the need arises.

Swim Diapers - All children who are not fully potty-trained must wear a swim diaper. Your child will not be allowed to swim in a regular diaper.

Children with Special Needs – it is important that you speak to the Aquatic Director or Deck Supervisor on the first day of class if your child has any special needs. (ie.,hearing, sight or speech disability, ADHD, etc.) The instructor can then better tailor their teaching style to your child.

First Day Evaluation - During the first class each student will be evaluated during the first few minutes to make sure they are properly placed. This means they will be asked to perform skills that are prerequisite for their class level. If your child is too advanced or not skilled enough for their class level, they will be assigned to another class level. If you believe your child has been improperly placed, please speak to the Aquatic Director/Supervisor on deck as soon as possible.

Swim Supplies- Wanting to purchase some of the tools used in swim class? We offer some items for sale. If you are in need of goggles, fins, and more please visit with our Team Members when you arrive to the pool.

Swim Bracelet- At the end of your child's first class, your swimmer will receive a swim bracelet. We ask that swimmers wear their bracelets to class to help instructors and Team Members identify class level and skills. Different color bracelets are given to different levels. If you lose your bracelet, a $1 fee will be charged for replacement. If your swimmer's bracelet breaks, please bring the broken bracelet and we will issue a new one free of charge.

Additional Questions?

Do you have additional questions regarding our summer swim camps or lessons?  Please contact us through the Radiant Swim School page on Facebook or call us at (817) 243-SWIM.