Weekly camps offered May 28 - August 2. 

Closed 4th of July week.

Camps meet Tuesday-Friday for 30 minutes each day.

Our swim camps are our most popular program as it consolidates a month worth of group lessons into a four day camp; creating opportunity for quick progression and advancement through the swim levels: Beginner to Advanced Swimmer.  

Ages: 3yr - Adult

GROUP RATIO:  4 students : 1 instructor 

COST: $68 per group camp + $10 one time" Summer Registration" fee. 

PRIVATE CAMPS: $225+ $10 one time "Summer Registration" fee. (Private lesson are limited & only offered if there is scheduling availably. Please contact our office at 817-243-SWIM to make arrangements)


Weekly classes start May 28 and run 12 consecutive weeks ending August 23. 

Closed 4th of July week

Enrollment Options: 1 (30) minute class per week or 2 (30) minute classes per week

Our Water Babies & Water Babies 2 classes are deigned to foster and develop a passion for the water in a safe, fun, encouraging environment. Every little one is born with a love for the water so with parent(s) or grandparent(s) guiding them trough their class they will go on an exciting adventure learning a healthy respect for water and eventually learning to swim!

This program meets weekly for 12 consecutive weeks to give your baby optimal engagement and retention opportunity. To participate in fewer than 12 consecutive weekly lessons, please contact our office at 817-243-SWIM to make arrangements.

AGES: 6 months - 3yr

GROUP RATIO:  6 (Baby/Parent Pair) : 1 Instructor


12 conservative weeks starting June 4th-Aug 30th (prorated enrollment after June 4th will be based on class availability,)

$204-1x a week +$10 one time" Summer Registration" fee. 

$387.60-2x a week +$10 one time" Summer Registration" fee. 


Our Adaptive Swim Program is designed specifically for children with disabilities. Our Adaptive Aquatics program is exactly what it says, Adaptive! Regardless of your student’s ability, all of our Adaptive Lessons are completely individualized based on need outlining parent, student, and instructor goals in the water. Most of our first time swimmers begin with a survival based program where they learn critical safety and survival such as swimming independently, floating, and comfort in the water. Our more experienced swimmers can begin with adaptive stroke instruction or fitness classes improving their motor planning, coordination, and efficiency in the water.  Whatever the level of your student, we can design a program to meet their individual needs. We want our students with special needs and their families to be as fully equipped with knowledge and skills to safely enjoy the water. We offer private one-on-one lessons, semi-private classes, and adapted group classes for children, teens, and adults with special needs. 

Please contact our office to have a class created at 817-243-7946.

SNAAP PRIVATE LESSONS: Many of our SNAAP swimmers start here for individualized instruction.

COST: $150 for 4 weekly lessons or 1 week swim camp (T-F) +$10 one time" Summer Registration" fee. 


CLASS RATIO: 4 Student/Parent Pairs :1 Instructor

COST: $68 for 4 weekly group lessons or 1 week group swim camp (T-F) +$10 one time" Summer Registration" fee.  

ADAPTIVE AQUATICS INTAKE FORM Please download and complete an intake form in order to begin your child's learn to swim journey with Radiant Swim School. 

Swim Level Test & Class Schedules

Take our swim level test here to find out the correct class level for you or for your child and to find a class time that works best with your schedule.

Swim level test

SNAPP Intake Form

SNAAP Forms (pdf)